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24-Sep-2014Molecular assembly in crystals and thin films of novel metal organic compounds and optical second harmonic generation studiesAnthony, S PhilipRadhakrishnan, T P
14-Jul-2016Exploration of the chemistry of macrocycles and bipyridine derivatives synthesis supramolecular chemistry and photophysical aspectsSarma, MonimaDas, Samar K
23-Sep-2014Synthesis and structure of some cooradination polymers of silver 1 cerium iv and manganeseSailaja, SunkariRajasekharan, M V
14-Aug-2012Synthesis of polycyclic aminoanthraquinone, indole and pyridocarbazole derivatives through inter and intramolecular hetero diels-alder reactionGaddam, VikramNagarajan, N
14-Aug-2012Purification and characterization of chitooligosaccharide specific lectins from the phloem exudate of Cucurbita maxima and Trichosanthes anguinaNarahari, AkkaladeviSwamy, Musti J
14-Aug-2012Manganese(iii) schiff base complexes with pseudohalide ligands - monomers, dimers, chains and networksBhargavi, Govindu GariRajasekharan, M V
14-Aug-2012Computational structural aspects of the phosphorus containing clusters and phosphodiesterasesDandamudi, UsharaniJemmis, Eluvathingal D
14-Aug-2012Studies on the reactive organotitanium intermediates and chiral 1,1′-Binaphthyl-2,2′-diamine derivativesGanesan, SelvaPeriasamy, M
14-Aug-2012Towards development of novel strategies for synthesis of fused heterocyclic and carbocyclic frameworks and himanimide a using baylis hillman adductsKunche, AravinduBasavaiah, D
29-Mar-2011Studies in synthesis of heterocyclic molecules using the baylis-hillman adductsRao, Jamjanam SrivardhanaBasavaiah, D