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11-Jul-2016Cycloaddition cyclization reactions of allenylphosphonates related allenes and palladium catalyzed diarylation of alkynesSajna, K VSwamy, K C Kumara
11-Jul-2016Synthesis of heteroarylcarbazoles ellipticine pyranocarbazole chromenylcarbazole and carbazolocarbazole derivativesChaitanya, T KrishnaNagarajan, R
11-Jul-2016Synthesis of charged polystyrene colloids and polymer hydrogel photonic crystal mercury sensorArunbabu, DhamodaranJana, Tushar
18-Oct-2018Synthetic utilities of in situ formed acetal a facile access to substituted naphthalene benzo a fluorene and indene derivativesManojveer, SeetharamanBalamurugan, Rengarajan
18-Oct-2018Functionalization of propargyl alcohol derivatives and terminal alkynes using lewis bronsted acidsNaveen, NaganaboinaBalamurugan, Rengarajan
18-Oct-2018Stereo specific lc and lc ms separations of selected chiral drugs for analytical and bio analytical applicationsKumar, Nagesh KRao, Nageshwara, R
18-Oct-2018Convenient strategies to c n bond formation synthesis of heteroarylated ketones scorpionate ligands e allyl gem dipyrazoles adps and ortho amido aryl ketonesBhanuchandra, MSahoo, Akhila Kumar
18-Oct-2018Synthesis and characterization of decavanadate and lindqvist type cluster containing compounds studies on macro as well as nano crystalsSridevi, YeeraPodile, Appa Rao
18-Oct-2018Sulfoximinea reusable directing group for co cn and cc bond formation via ch bond activation of arenesYadav, Ramu MSahoo, Akhila Kumar
18-Oct-2018Gold catalyzed activation of epoxides and hydration of alkynes and their synthetic applicationsThota, Ganesh KumarBalamurugan, Rengarajan