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12-Sep-2018Synthesis of Metal Complexes and their Catalysis Polymers for Li ion Conductivity as Solid Polymer ElectrolytesBabu, H. VigneshMuralidharan, K.
12-Sep-2018Approaches towards the total synthesis of bioactive natural products nhatrangin a brevisamide putaminoxin 11 and 11 methoxycurvularinsAnde, RajuYadav, J S
12-Sep-2018Cyclic and acyclic oligopyrrole derivatives towards anion bindingMahanta, Sanjeev PranPanda, Pradeepta K
12-Sep-2018Fluorescent molecular crystals and nanocrystals templated assembly amorphous to crystalline transformation and hierarchical growthGupta, ChandaluriRadhakrishnan, T P
12-Sep-2018Gold catalyzed cyclizations of alkynols propargylic esters and allenylphosphonates allenylphosphine oxides in cycloaddition cyclization reactionsKotikalapudi, RameshKumara Swamy, K C
12-Sep-2018Studies directed towards the total synthesis of herboxidiene gex 1a and pyrenophorolReddy, Madhusudhan GYadav, J S
12-Sep-2018Nano Micro Scale Organic Paramagnetic Materials Synthesis Characterization Self Assembly Optical Wave Guiding and Device StructureHui, PramitiChandrasekar, R.
12-Sep-2018Ferrocene anchored ln o clusters and main group based rings and macrocyclesKishore, V V NBaskar, Viswanathan
12-Sep-2018The baylis hillman bromides and carbonates in organic synthesis development of novel methodologies for spirooxindoles containing dihydrofuran epoxide and nitrone frameworksBadsara, Satpal SinghBasavaiah, D
12-Sep-20181,2-Cyclopropanated Sugars as Novel Glycosyl Donors in Oligosaccharide SynthesisVenukkumar, PattetiSridhar, Perali Ramu