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11-Jul-2016Synthesis of heteroarylcarbazoles ellipticine pyranocarbazole chromenylcarbazole and carbazolocarbazole derivativesChaitanya, T KrishnaNagarajan, R
11-Jul-2016Cycloaddition cyclization reactions of allenylphosphonates related allenes and palladium catalyzed diarylation of alkynesSajna, K VSwamy, K C Kumara
13-Jul-2016Diverse polyoxometalate clusters and bismuth chloro derivatives synthesis characterization catalysis and photophysical studiesAmanchi, Srinivasa RaoDas, Samar K
11-Jul-2016Quantum mechanical studies of nonadiabatic molecular processesGhanta, Susantan.d.
12-Jul-2016Synthesis of chiral amine derivatives using D camphor and their application in asymmetric transformationsNalluri, Sanjeeva KumarPeriasamy, M
13-Jul-2016Biochemical and biophysical investigations on the ligand binding and chaperone like activities of PDC 109Sankhala, Rajeshwer SinghSwamy, Musti J
13-Jul-2016Isostructurality and polymorphism in model compounds and active pharmaceutical ingredientsNath, Naba KamalNangia, Ashwini
13-Jul-2016High yielding stereoselective synthesis of bioactive molecules through TCRA and barbas dienamine platformYedulla, Vijayendar ReddyRamachary, Dhevalapally B
13-Jul-2016Ti III mediated epoxide opening reactions to construct five membered carbocycles studies directed toward the synthesis of rhizopodin and the total synthesis of deoxocassineMidde SreekanthChakraborty, Tushar Kanti
13-Jul-2016Polymer metal nanocomposite thin films in situ fabrication real time growth and applications in microwave absorption and chemical sensingRamesh, G VRadhakrishnan,T P