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24-Sep-2014Development of new organic synthetic methods based on borance catecholborane reagents and resolution of racemic diolsBhanu prasad, Appana SPeriasamy, M
5-Jul-2016Baylishillman adducts as valuable synthons development of simple methodologies for synthesis of substituted maleimides maleic anhydrides benzofuranones indolizines and benzofused indolizinesDevendar, BaduguBasavaiah, D
14-Jul-2016Development of organic synthetic methods for N arylation and for synthesis of chiral propargylamines and chiral allenesAlakonda, Laxman MPeriasamy, M
24-Sep-2014Development of new organic synthetic methods based on transitionmetal reagents and aromatic radical anionsReddy,MalladiramaPeriasamy, M
18-Oct-2018Development of direct organocatalytic enolate and dienamine mediated reactions high yielding synthesis of fully decorated triazoles benzotriazoles and chiral decalinesAdluri, BharanishashankRamachary Dhevalapally B
11-Jul-2016Development of separable ansatze for the description of molecular vibrationsRoy, Tapta KanchanPrasad, M Durga
25-Sep-2014Development of organotitanium reagents:applications of titanium arylamine, enolate and enamine derivatives inorganic synthesisNeela, KishorebabuPeriasamy, M
29-Jun-2016Studies towards the design and development of photoactive supermolecules for signaling transition metal ionsBanthia, SandipSamanta, Anunay
14-Jul-2016Application of baylis hillman acetates studies towards development of strategies for synthesis of substituted indenes 1 2 3 triazolo 1 4 benzoxazonines and pyrimidin 4 3h onesReddy, Bhavanam SekharaBasavaiah, D
8-Jul-2016Applications of the baylis hillman adducts towards development of novel strategies for synthesis of spiro and heterocyclic compoundsReddy, Raju Jannapu