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29-Mar-2011Covalent and non-covalent donor-acceptor assemblies based on porphyrin building blocksAshokkumar, AMaiya, Bhaskar G
26-Sep-2014Studies on optical sensing of charged analytes and DNA interaction photocleavage activitiesGhosh, TamalSamanta, Anunay
26-Sep-2014Effect of chaotropic denaturants and cosolvents on stability, folding, and dynamics of proteintsRajesh, KumarBhuyan, Abani K
26-Sep-2014Substituent effects on the formation of catemer and dimer in some crystalline carboxylic acidsDas, DinabandhuDesiraju, Gautam R
24-Sep-2014Studies on some nickel complexesMukhopadhyay, AbhikPal, Samudranil
24-Sep-2014Heterofunctionalization of olefins by a pendant sulfoxide : application to the synthesis of 2R,3R HPA 12, allosedamine, xylo 2R,3S,4S, lyxo 2R,3R,4S phytosphingosines and synthesis of a novel safety catch linkerRajender, AYadav, J S
24-Sep-2014Towards development of novel methodologies for synthesis of heterocycles using the baylis hillman adductsSatyanarayana, TummanapalliBasavaiah, D
24-Sep-2014Synthesis and applications of chiral amines and quarternary ammonium salts containing trans 1,2 cyclohexyl moietyPadmaja, MeduriPeriasamy, M
23-Sep-2014Static and dynamical fluorescencce response of some molecules in room temperrature ionic liquids and in media containing phase transfer catalystsKarmakar, RanaSamanta, Anunay
24-Sep-2014New organic synthetic methods usingtitanium reagents synthetic transformation of alkynes, propargyl alcohols and pinacolsKarunakar, Galla VPeriasamy, M