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18-Oct-2018A new avenue for gold catalyzed hydration of propargyl acetates and hydrative cyclization of yne tethered ynamides synthesis of n heterocyclesGhosh, NayanKumar, Akhila Sahoo
18-Oct-2018Convenient strategies to c n bond formation synthesis of heteroarylated ketones scorpionate ligands e allyl gem dipyrazoles adps and ortho amido aryl ketonesBhanuchandra, MSahoo, Akhila Kumar
18-Oct-2018Naphthobipyrrole derived novel extended porphyrinoids synthesis structure and optical propertiesSarma, TridibPanda, Pradeepta K
18-Oct-2018Synthesis and characterization of decavanadate and lindqvist type cluster containing compounds studies on macro as well as nano crystalsSridevi, YeeraPodile, Appa Rao
18-Oct-2018Quantum nonadiabatic dynamics study on molecules of interstellar interestReddy, Nagaprasad SamalaMahapatra, Susanta
18-Oct-2018Stereoselective synthesis of bioactive molecules through organocatalytic reductive coupling michael and aldol reactionsMadhavachary RRamachary Dhevalapally B
18-Oct-2018Study of the physicochemical properties of organic molecules in gel and aggregated states using morphological and photophysical characterization techniquesSivalingam, SoumyaSamanta, Anunay
18-Oct-2018Development of direct organocatalytic enolate and dienamine mediated reactions high yielding synthesis of fully decorated triazoles benzotriazoles and chiral decalinesAdluri, BharanishashankRamachary Dhevalapally B
18-Oct-2018Synthesis and applications of chiral camphanyl aminesReddy, Polimera ObulaPeriasamy M
18-Oct-2018Synthesis characterization and properties of hyperstructured molecules and polymers based on inorganic organic hybird core containing phosphorousNaik, Khevath Praveen KumarMuralidharan K
18-Oct-2018High yielding stereoselective asymmetric synthesis of bioactive molecules through organocatalytic reductive coupling michael and aldol reactionsPanyala, Srinivasa ReddyRamachary, D B
18-Oct-2018Fluorescence correlation spectroscopic study of the photophysical behavior of quantum dots and diffusion behavior of some dyes in complex environmentsPatra, SatyajitSamanta, Anunay
18-Oct-2018Sulfoximinea reusable directing group for co cn and cc bond formation via ch bond activation of arenesYadav, Ramu MSahoo, Akhila Kumar
18-Oct-2018Stability chain dynamics and dimensions of end states across the folding equilibrium studies on lysozyme a plant phloem protein atpp1 and cytochrome c by nmr and laser based methodsYasin, Mahammad UBhuyan, Abani K
18-Oct-2018Quantum nonadiabatic dynamics of clusters and moleculesReddy, Rajagopala SeelamMahapatra, Susanta
18-Oct-2018Gold catalyzed activation of epoxides and hydration of alkynes and their synthetic applicationsThota, Ganesh KumarBalamurugan, Rengarajan
18-Oct-2018Lanthanide and organoantimony based oxo hydroxo clustersJami, Ananda KumarBaskar, Viswanathan
18-Oct-2018Synthesis of amino indoline based macrocycles and treprostinil inspired hybrid compoundsChamakuri, SrinivasArya, Prabhat
18-Oct-2018Synthesis and pharmacological evalution of quinazoline based inhibitors of phosphodiesteraseAdepu, RajuPal, Manojit
18-Oct-2018Functionalization of propargyl alcohol derivatives and terminal alkynes using lewis bronsted acidsNaveen, NaganaboinaBalamurugan, Rengarajan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 267