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18-Nov-2016Role of heat shock protein in immunity against b anthracis infectionSinha, KanchanBhatnagar, Rakesh
28-Oct-2016Moleclar and biochemical characterization of a putative chemottherapeutic target of filarial parasiteAnitaSaxena,Jitendra K
28-Oct-2016Organization and dynamics of membrane bound peptides utilizing fluorescence based approachesHaldar,SouravChattopadhyay,Amitabha
4-Dec-2014Programmed cell death in prokaryotes : An insight into the Toxin Antitoxin module of Bacillus anthracisAgarwal, ShivangiBhatnagar, Rakesh
4-Dec-2014Characterization of a 4 3kb fragment form the genome of xenorhabdus nematophila containing bacteriocin and its immunity gene sSingh, JitentraBhatnagar, Rakesh and Banerjee, Nirupama
4-Dec-2014Studies on the refolding and aggregation of bovine carbonic anhydrase BCA II in the presence of cosolvent additivesGupta, SwapnilBhat, Rajiv
4-Dec-2014Design of an improved host platform for the over expression of recombinant proteins in Escherichia coliGhosh, ChaitaliMukherjee, K J
4-Dec-2014Studies on the role of Hyaluronan binding protein 1 HABP1 on modulation of cell cycel in mammalian cellsBanerjee, BhaswatiGhosh, Ilora and Datta, Kasturi
4-Dec-2014Differentiation inducing principle s of Momordica charantia : Purification, characterization and possible molecular mechanism of its actionPrabha, PunitDixit, Arpana
1-Dec-2014Characterization of catalytically inactive mutants of anthrax toxinGupta, MeghaBhatnagar, Rakesh
1-Dec-2014Characterization of GroEL homolog of xenorhabdus nematophila and evaluation of its insecticidal potential in crop pestsJoshi, Mohan ChandraBhatnagar, Rakesh and Banerjee, Nirupama
1-Dec-2014Cloning and expression of the phpoglycemic protein gene of momordica charantia in pichia pastoris and evaluation of bioacativity of the recombinant proteinSahu, TejramDixit, Aparna
28-May-2014Bioprocess optimization of xylanase production using bacillus cultureSangeeta Devi, YengkhomMukherjee, K J
6-May-2014Studies on genetic homogenotization and nif gene regulation in diazotrophic bacteriaSohoni, RashmiDixit, Aparna
6-May-2014Studies on the role of TRP(346), MET (350) and LEU (352) residues of domain 2 of protective antigen of Bacilius anthracisBatra, SmritiBhataagar, Rakesh
5-May-2014Studies on Bani restriction endonuclease and the molecular mechanism underlying its actionAdvani, SoniaRoy, B Kunal
5-May-2014Studies on modulation of activity of BamHI endonuclease by replacing Cys54 with various other amino acids through site directed mutagenesisSrirama, Asha AcharyaRoy, B Kunal
5-May-2014Differential scanning calorimetric studies on the thermal stabilization of yeast hexokinase a by solvent additivesTiawri, AshutoshRajiv Bhat
5-May-2014Optimization of production of cyclodextrin glucanotransferase from a bacillus SP. isolated from soilThatai, AtulMukherjee, K J
2-May-2014Studies on the optimization of recombinant streptokinase productionYazdani, Syed ShamsMukherjee, K J
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 49