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3-May-2021Development of Self assembled Poly Carboxylate Chitosan Nanoparticles and their Application in Drug deliverySheeba Joy Bell SSubhashini S
22-Dec-2020Renewable and low cost green functional carbon electrodes from selected biomass Sargassum wightii Turbinaria conoides Phyllanthus acidus and Solanum lycopersicum for high performance of SupercapacitorsDivya PRajalakshmi R
22-Sep-2020Biogenic Synthesis of Gold Nano Particles reduced Graphene Oxide and Nano Composites and Reconnoitering their Medicinal ApplicationsSmina, C SLalitha, P
28-Aug-2020Inhibitive performance of selected biomass Passiflora vitifolia Pyrostegia venusta and marine algae Sargassum polycystum Padina boergesenii on acid and alkali corrosion of mild steel and aluminium alloy Experimental and Theoretical approachThilagavathi RRajalakshmi R
13-Nov-2019Adsorption of Selected Textile Dyes onto Chemically Activated Carbon Adsorbents Prepared Using Waste Biomass Bauhinia racemosa Fruit podsUmadevi SRenugadevi N
24-Dec-2018Natural Products for Mild Steel Protection Corrosion Inhibition by Caryota urens and Averrhoa carambola Leaves Extract in Acid Media Testing of Caryota urens Leaves Extract in Electroplating IndustriesSenthil Vadivu DSaratha R
6-Sep-2018Investigation on the Corrosion Inhibition Ability of Selected Plant Extracts on Mild Steel in Acid Media an Eco Friendly Approach for Preliminary Testing in Electroplating IndustriesVasantha Jothi RSaratha R
9-Aug-2018Phytochemical Investigation of Ethno Medicinal Plants Clerodendrum inerme Linn and Cissus quadrangularis Linn and Related Biological Activity StudiesVishnuthari NShubashini K. Sripathi
5-Apr-2018Eco friendly Chitosan Schiff bases for Enhanced Corrosion Resistance of Mild Steel in Acid Medium and Calcium Carbonate Scale InhibitionR, MenakaS, Subhashini
27-Dec-2017Phytochemical Biological Pharmacological Evaluation of Kedrostis foetidissima Jacq Cogn and Plant Mediated synthesis of metal nanoparticlesAmutha MLalitha P
26-Dec-2017Corrosion Inhibition and Adsorption Potential of Biomass Extracts Leaves and Flowers of Heliconia rostrata and Canna indica on corrosion of Mild steel Aluminium 1100 in 1 M HClMathina ARajalakshmi R
25-Jan-2017Evaluation of selected plant materials as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in acid mediaV G VasudhaR Saratha
25-Jan-2017Adsorption behavior and Corrosion Inhibitive potential of Imidazoline derivatives on Mild Steel or Acid InterfaceD NaliniR Rajalakshmi
25-Jan-2017Synthesis characterisation and utilization of water soluble polyvinyl alcohol selected amino acid composites as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in acid mediumM SrimathiR Rajalakshmi
25-Jan-2017Inhibitive action of Cocos nucifera L Coconut Palm and Borassus flabellifer L Palmyra PalmP R VijayalakshmiR Rajalakshmi
25-Jan-2017Corrosion inhibition of mild steel and aluminium by plant extracts in acid mediaR SubhaR Saratha
25-Jan-2017Corrosion mitigation of mild steel in acidic media with the extracts of Cassia fistula Bougainvillea spectabilis leaves and Mirabilis jalapa flowersP ThilagavathyR Saratha
25-Jan-2017Phytochemical investigation of two medicinal plants Acalypha Fruticosa and Aristolochia TagalaC V DeepaaShubashini K Sripati
25-Jan-2017Phytochemical and pharmacological investigation of trianihema decandra linn Roots and pithecellobium diilce benth fruit peelT A SukanthaShubashini K Sripathi
25-Jan-2017Synthesis reactions and biological activity of functionalized pyrido pyrimidine 2 onesV SharulathaS Sivakamasundari
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 40