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3-Dec-2020Feasibility of natural colourant extracted from saw dust for application on cotton and silk fabricsNadiya KKalaiarasi K
3-May-2021Development of Self assembled Poly Carboxylate Chitosan Nanoparticles and their Application in Drug deliverySheeba Joy Bell SSubhashini S
3-May-2021on Beta double star Generalized Closed Sets in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topological SpacesSudha S MJayanthi D
3-May-2021Fuzzy Structures on Z AlgebrasSowmiya SJeyalakshmi P
23-Nov-2020Probabilistic and Deterministic Models in Measuring Technical EfficiencySangeethamani SMary Louis L
20-Oct-2020Efficacy of a Software Nutra Glyx on Nutraceutical Recipes Incorporated with Selected Medicinal Plants for Diabetes MellitusPadhmini KPremala Priyadharsini V
6-Jan-2021Effect of community based nutrition and health intervention programme among Institutionalized and non institutionalized elders in selected community in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu IndiaRekha NSaradha Ramadas V
28-Aug-2020Inhibitive performance of selected biomass Passiflora vitifolia Pyrostegia venusta and marine algae Sargassum polycystum Padina boergesenii on acid and alkali corrosion of mild steel and aluminium alloy Experimental and Theoretical approachThilagavathi RRajalakshmi R
8-Sep-2020Parametric and Non parametric Models to Measure Cost Efficiency ScoresShameena.H.KhanMary Louis L
22-Sep-2020Biogenic Synthesis of Gold Nano Particles reduced Graphene Oxide and Nano Composites and Reconnoitering their Medicinal ApplicationsSmina, C SLalitha, P