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19-Jan-2016Effect of different botanicals on the keeping quality of selected pulsesGayathri DManimozhi K
1-Sep-2017MxG1 Vacation Queueing Models With Bilevel Thresholds Multifarious Services Immediate Feedbacks And Service InterruptionsFijy Jose PAfthab Begum, M I
11-Mar-2015Preparation and Characterization of pure and Doped Zinc Oxide Nanocrystalline Films by Chemical Bath Deposition TechniqueNithya NRugminiRadhakrishnan S
16-Sep-2019Perspective of Natrinnai and Kuruthogai in Tholkappiyam (தொல்காப்பியக் கூற்றுநோக்கில் நற்றிணையும் குறுந்தொகையும்)Nalinipriya, PGalavathi, G
3-Apr-2020Undernutrition and risk of infections in underfive children from urban low income groups of South DelhiLakshmi R V alias AnushaSylvia Subapriya M
1-Aug-2019Bioremediation of methyl orange from aqueous solutions using Oedogonium subplagiostomum AP1Alaguprathana MPoonkothai M
3-May-2016Dietary Practices of Irula Tribes and the Impact of Intervention Programmes among Target GroupsPadmavathi CDr. V. Saradha Ramadas
25-Jan-2017An Overview of Kannadasan's Poetry (பன்முக நோக்கில் கண்ணதாசன் கவிதைகள் )Bharathi, B (பா. பாரதி )Neelavathy, B (பா. நீலாவதி )
3-Dec-2020Antioxidative Antitumorigenic and Immunomodulatory efficacy of protein fraction from Tabernaemontana divaricata leavesSrilatha MAnnapurani S
26-Mar-2019Design Develop and Evaluate the Smart Wearable Electronic Fabric for Monitoring HealthcareSangeetha Priya BAmsamani S