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Researcher: Harjit Singh Ghotra
Guide(s): Dr. Niti Kant
University: Lovely Professional University
Completed Date: 28/10/2015
Abstract: Laser induced acceleration of electron in vacuum and plasmas has been studied. newlineIn chapter-3, the role of azimuthal magnetic field has been realized theoretically for newlineelectron acceleration by linearly polarized (LP) as well as circularly polarized (CP) laser newlinepulse in vacuum. The results obtained indicate the confined trajectory of electron under newlinethe influence of azimuthal magnetic field for longer distance than that without magnetic newlinefield. The energy gain by the electron with a CP laser pulse is seen higher than that with a newlineLP laser for same intensity.In chapter-4, we employ a LP chirped laser pulse for electron acceleration with newlineazimuthal magnetic field. The accelerating distance is observed to be of three times the newlineRayleigh length. We observe electron energy gain of about 1.47GeV with azimuthal newlinemagnetic field of about 438kG with an intense LP chirped laser pulse of peak intensity of newlineabout 21 2 3.4and#61620;10 W / cm .In chapter-5, the acceleration of electron with a frequency chirped CP laser pulse newlinein vacuum under the impact of an azimuthal magnetic field has been studied. Linear newlinefrequency chirp plays a vital role to extend the time of interaction of laser pulse with newlineelectron and hence enforces the resonance for longer duration. The presence of azimuthal newlinemagnetic field strengthens the electron acceleration and keeps the electron motion close newlineto the direction of propagation of laser pulse. Thus, resonant enhancement appears due to newlinethe combined role of azimuthal magnetic field and CP chirped laser pulse. Preaccelerated newlineelectron with few MeV of initial energy gains high energy of the order of newlineGeV from laser field of CP chirped laser pulse. newline
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