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28-Aug-2019Diverse Interactions of Some Significant Compounds Prevailing in Different Solvent Systems with the Manifestation of Solvation Consequence by Physicochemical InvestigationsRahaman, HabiburRoy, Mahendra Nath Sinha, B
23-Feb-2017Exploration of interactions of some vitamins prevailing in liquid systems by physicochemical contrivancesChakraborti palashRoy Mahendranath
22-Sep-2017Physicochemical studies on some self organized assemblies of single and mixed surfactant systemsBardhan, SoumikSaha, Swapan Kumar and Paul, Bidyut Kumar
22-Sep-2017Theoretical investigation on aromaticity magnetic exchange coupling and magnetic anisotropy in metal based systemsGoswami, TamalMisra, Anirban
22-Sep-2017Solid phase synthesis of libraries of heterocyclic molecules and further functionalization by cross coupling reactionsKundu, SamirBasu, Basudeb
22-Sep-2017Synthesis of palladium N heterocyclic carbene complexes and their application in organic transformationGupta, SumantaDas, Sajal
22-Sep-2017Studies on the reactions of C hetero bond formationSubba, RajuGhosh, Pranab
11-Sep-2018Study to explore the formation of host guest inclusion complexes of cyclodextrins with biologically active molecules and crown ethers with ionic liquids by spectroscopic and physicochemical techniquesSaha, Subhadeep,Roy, Mahendra Nath,
11-Sep-2018Transition metal catalyzed organic transformations and application towards the synthesis of heterocyclic compoundsGanguly, Bhaskar,Das, Sajal, Basu, Basudeb,
20-Mar-2020Investigation of Host Guest Inclusion Complexations and Diverse Interactions of Some Industrially and Biologically Potent Molecules in Assorted Phases by Physicochemical MethodologiesYasmin, AnanyaRoy, Mahendra Nath