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23-Feb-2017Physico chemical studies on the various interactions of some metal and tetra alkylammonium salts in different solvent systemsJha AnupamRoy Mahendra Nath
23-Feb-2017Ion association and solvation of Alkali metal and tetraalkylammonium ions in N N Dimethylacetamide and amide water mixed solventsDas DebashisHazra D K
23-Feb-2017Investigation on viscous synergy and antagonism of some liquid mixtures and ion solvent interaction of some compounds in various solvent systemsSinha AnuradhaRoy Mahendra Nath
23-Feb-2017Physico chemical investigation of solute solute solute solvent and solvent solvent interactions of some compounds in non aqueous and mixed solvent mediaChoudhury AnkanRoy Mahendra Nath
23-Feb-2017Physico chemical investigation on various interactions in 1 4 dioxane and its binary systems and viscous antagonism and synergism prevailing in some solvent mediaSinha BiswajitRoy Mahendra Nath
23-Feb-2017Molecular rearrangement and transformation in triterpenesChanda Swapan KumarBose S N
23-Feb-2017Physico chemical studies on interactions between ion solvent ion ion and solvent solvent in aqueous and non aqueous pure and mixed solvent systemsDakua Vikas KumarRoy Mahendra Nath
23-Feb-2017Ion ion and ion solvent interactions for same 1 1 electrolytes in 2 ethoxyethanol and its binary mixtures with waterHaldar PurushottamDas Bijan
23-Feb-2017Organic reactions methodology studies on carbon nitrogen hetero bond forming reactionsJha, SatadruBasu, B
21-Apr-2017Aryl azene oxides synthesis structure and mesogenic behaviourDas PurakBandhopadhyay P and Mandal P K