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23-Feb-2017Physico chemical investigations on the ion solvent interactions of some Tetraalkylammonium and common ions in non aqueous and mixed binary aqueous solvent systemsDas BijanHazra D K
1-May-2017Technological and biochemical investigations in manufacturing churpi a traditional South East Asian milk productPal, Pradip KumarSarkar, P K
23-Feb-2017Studies on chemical reactions of carbocyclic compoundsGhosh, PranabPradhan, B P
23-Feb-2017Studies on the analytical applications of some organic reagents as ligandsThokdar, Tarit KumarMajumdar, Santosh Kumar
21-Apr-2017Chemical investigation of medicinal plants of Darjeeling districtSubba, Gyan ChandraPradhan, B P
23-Feb-2017Studies on the ion solvent interactions of some tetraalkylammonium and common ions in non aqueous and mixed solventsRoy, Mahendra NathHazra, D K
23-Feb-2017Studies on the Separation of heavy metals extraction and spectrophotometric determination of cobalt Palladium nickel Bismuth Copper Platinum and ironSarkar, AsamanjaMajumdar, S K
23-Feb-2017Studies on physico chemical characteristics of progressively alkylated thiazine dyes and their interaction with montmorillonitePal, SubrataSaha, S K
23-Feb-2017Studies on coordination compounds of dioxouranium VI and molybdenum with ligands derived from amino acids especially with imidazole amine and amide r groupsPanchanan, SubrataRoy, P S
1-May-2017Investigation on some organophosphorus compounds having pesticidal activitiesMisra, SutapaDas, Bimal Kumar