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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
23-Feb-2017Investigations on naturally occurring carbocyclic compoundsSaha Bipul BehariKhastgir H N
23-Feb-2017Studies on triterpenoids structure elucidation partial synthesis and transformationDasgupta AsokKhastgir H N
23-Feb-2017Aspects of equilibrium in a heterogeneous phase system studies on ion exchange equilibria and polarography of clay minerals and related exchange systemsMukherjee SubhankarChakravarti S K
4-Aug-2017Studies on organometallic derivatives of group IVA elements on preparation properties and reactions of some Sn O bonded and related organotin compoundsDatta, DebranjanGhosh, A K and Majee, B
4-Aug-2017Chemical investigation of naturally occurring carbocyclic compounds structure elucidation transformation and partial synthesis of terpenoidsMukhopadhyay, MadanmohanPradhan, B P
23-Feb-2017Studies on chelated organotin carboxylates and some related compoundsBandyopadhyay, Subhas ChandraMajee, B
21-Apr-2017Organotin complex compounds a study on substituted hydroxylamine derivatives on preparation and properties of some organotin N substituted Benzohydroxamates and study of a few related reactionsPradhan, BibekanandaGhosh, A K
23-Feb-2017Solvent extraction of Nickel II Palladium II Platinum IV and Rhodium IIIParia, Praphulla KumkarMajumdar, S K
2-May-2017Studies on various aspects of food dyesBandyapadhyay, Tara SankarRoy, B R.
23-Feb-2017Studies on some physico chemical properties of organotin compoundsGupta RanamoyMajee B