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16-Jul-2010Ecology of vesicularbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in rubber growing soils of KeralaAbraham, JossyKothandaraman, R; Kuruvilla, C Jacob
10-Aug-2018Biochemical and molecular studies on enzymes related to rubber biosynthesis in Hevea BrasiliensisAmbily, P.KThomas, Molly
3-Oct-2018Micro RNAs of Hevea Brasiliensis Role in abiotic stress responsive gene regulationLinu, KuruvillaMohamed Sathik
6-Apr-2016Development of transgenic hevea brasiliensis for the over expression of 3 Hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase 1 hmgr 1 geneJayashree, RNazeem, P A, And Venkatachalam, P
10-Dec-2014Agrobacterium mediated molecular breeding in Hevea brasiliensis for crop improvementRekha, KNazeem, P A; Venkatachalam, P
16-Feb-2015Studies for improving the degradation resistance of natural rubber latex vulcanizates with special reference to heat and UV radiationKurian, Jaimon KPeethambaran, N R; Kuriakose, Baby
19-Dec-2017Accomplishing Ploidy variation through Invitro techniques for Crop improvement Hevea BrasiliensisDivya, U KSushama Kumari, S
23-Jun-2014Association of microflora with rubber Hevea brasiliensis and their beneficial rolesPhilip, ManjuThattil, Gabriel Simon
23-Jun-2014Studies on soil enzymes and available nutrients in relation to litter decomposition in rubber plantationsJose, GeethaJoseph, Mercykutty; Kothandaraman, R
16-Feb-2015Oil palm fibres: A potential reinforcement in phenolic resinsSreekala, M SKumaran, M G; Thomas, Sabu