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3-Aug-2010Studies on vulcanisation kinetics, thermal conductivity and technological properties of aluminium powder -filled natural rubber compoundsChandy, SaraKuriakose, Baby
16-Aug-2010Isolation and molecular characterisation of beta 1, 3 glucanase gene and its role in combating abnormal leaf fall disease in rubber tree(Hevea Brasiliensis Muell. Arg)Ismail, ThanseemThulaseedharan, A
23-Jul-2010Studies on depolymerized natural rubberNair, N RadhakrishnanThomas, Sabu
19-Jul-2010Studies on applications of rubber seed oil in elastomers and plasticsJoseph, ReethammaKuriakose, Baby
16-Jul-2010Studies on the factors influencing the regeneration and flow of latex in hevea brasiliensiskoshy, GeorgeVijayakumar, K R
15-Jul-2010Cytomorphological and physiological investigation on induced autotetraploids of 'Tropical Kudzu' [Pueraria Phaseoloides (Roxb.) Benth.]: a cover crop in cubber plantationsMeenakumari, TPanikkar, A O N; Amma, C K Saraswathy
4-Aug-2010Structural studies on tension wood of hevea brasiliensis (para rubber) with special reference to clonal variabilityMathew, FrancisReghu, C P
6-Aug-2010Estimation of intraclonal variations and associations of characters in RRII105, a popular clone of Hevea Braslliensls (Willd. ex Juss.) Muell. Arg.Mary, K MPremakumari, D
3-Mar-2016Development of transgenic hevea brasiliensis for the over expression of 3 Hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase 1 hmgr 1 geneJayashree, RNazeem, P A, And Venkatachalam, P
28-Jun-2016Characterization of Tapping Panel Dryness TPD of Hevea Brasiliensis in clone RRII 105Abraham, ThomasJoseph C, Kuruvilla