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16-Feb-2017Isolation characterization and evaluation of antiproliferative and antifungal properties of a serine protease inhibitor from testa of citrullus lanatusBarla, SreenuKaladhar D S V G
11-Sep-2018Role of lipid rafts in regulation of proliferation metastasis and apoptosis of triple negative breast cancerBadana, Anil KumarMalla, RamaRao
16-Feb-2017Studies on anti inflammatory and antioxidant activities and isolation of bioactive apigenin 7 O B D glucoronide methyl ester from leaves of manilkara zapotaRao, Kamalakara KRao, Govinda D
16-Feb-2017Studies on a proteinase from the latex of vallaris solanaceaShilpa SReddy, Bhaskar I
9-May-2017Study of atheroma non atheroma risk factors and importance of mayo clinic quadratic equation in chronic kidney diseaseSri hari S Kumar Raju, DKiranmayi, P
9-May-2017Studies on isolation purification and characterization of lipase produced by bacillus pumilus GN9 MCC 2887Vishnu Priya, KReddy, I Bhaskar
17-Oct-2017Studies on in vitro regeneration transformation and experession of the vigna aconitifolia P5CSF129A gene in transgenic pigeonpea for salt toleranceAruna, L VSurekha, Ch
22-Jan-2019Biological and phytochemical studies on bioactive principles from medicinal plant kaempferia galanga including in silico evaluationRao, Narasinga VKaladhar, D S V G K
18-Apr-2017Isolation identification and characterization of novel 5 lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase dual inhibitory dammarane triterpenoid 1 from borassus flabbelifer linn tender seed coat as anti inflammatory and anti cancer agentYarla, Nagendra SastriDuddukuri, Govinda Rao
2-Mar-2017Design synthesis and characterization of novel diarylsulfonylurea chalcone hybrids as potential anti inflammatory agentsBugata, Bharat KumarKaladhar D S V G