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2-Jun-2016Impact of development and management of some selected flood plain wetlands _Beels_ in Assam through community based fisheries managementBarman, Ramendra ChKar, Devashish
2-Jun-2016Studies on the frequency of micronucleus among the local population in Cachar district of Assam _ preliminary investigations on its correlation with betel quid chewing and tobacco useKausar, AfifaGiri, Sarbani
2-Jun-2016Studies on angiospermic flora of Siju wildlife sanctuary south Garo hills district of Meghalaya India with reference to taxonomic and economic utilizationRoy, Dilip KumarChoudhury, M D and Sinha, B K
2-Jun-2016Neurotoxicological evaluation of some selected plants from Manipur India and its association with N_methyl_D_aspartate _NMDA_ receptor antagonistDevi, Maibam RasilaBawari, Meenakshi and Paul, Satya Bushan
2-Jun-2016Phytochemical analysis and evaluation of hepatoprotective and antioxidant activity of Indian medicinal plant Pajanelia longifolia _willd_ K SchumanDatta, SuparnaDutta Choudhury, M and Choudhury, Shuvasish
2-Jun-2016Genotoxic and tumorigenic potential of Areca nut alkaloids and metabolites in miceDevi, Salam HimikaGiri, Sarbani
2-Jun-2016Hindi upanyason mein poorvottar BharatDuve, Rakesh Kumar GharPradhan, Gopal G
2-Jun-2016Development of process technology for production of bamboo shoot based nuggetsChoudhury, DebanganaSharma, G D and Sahu, Jatindra K
2-Jun-2016Genetic engineering of rice_Oryza sativa L_ For abiotic stress toleranceDey, MohitoshPanda, S K
2-Jun-2016Studies on induction of oxidative stress phytochelatin and its molecular aspects in rice _Oryza sativa L_ Under cadmium stressPanda, PiyaleeSharma, G D