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8-Jul-2020DNA Barcode based calibration of Indian freshwater fishes for analyzing species diversity and shared nucleotide traitsChakraborty, MohuaGhosh, Sankar Kumar
8-Jul-2020Antioxidant and immunomodulatory analysis of mercury and cadmium induced modulation of non specific host defense in fresh water fish Channa punctatusBegam, MoriomSengupta, Mahuya
16-Jul-2020Utilization of plant resources by Ethnic groups of Kamrup district Assam IndiaDas, Chuna MoniTamuli , Ajit K
16-Jul-2020Studies on the Fish Diversity and Habitat Mapping of River Siang in Arunachal PradeshDas, Biplab KumarKar, Devashish
16-Jul-2020An in silico study on identification and characterization of Resistant Avirulence genes and their interaction in selected cereal cropsDehury, BudheswarDutta Choudhury, Manabendra
16-Jul-2020Study of Fish Diversity and Habitat Mapping in the Towkak River in Assam and NagalandDutta, BinkuKar, Devashish
21-Jul-2020Phytochemical analysis and therapeutic potential of Clerodendrum viscosum Vent with reference to insilico screeningNath Choudhury, Pinak PaniDutta Choudhury, Manabendra
21-Jul-2020Cytogenetic effects of low dose radiation preliminary investigations on the radiomodulatory potential of selected phytochemicalsSharma, RahulGiri, Anirudha
21-Jul-2020Studies on the antioxidant potentialities of some selected medicinal plants of Southern AssamRoy Choudhury, PrakashDas Talukdar, Anupam
21-Jul-2020A study on phytoremediation of cadmium and copper from soil and water with selected hyperaccumulators from Barak Valley AssamGoswami, SunayanaDas, Suchismita