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Title: Formulation and evaluation of pH sensitive drug delivery system for anti diabetic drugs
Researcher: GOWRAV, M.P
Keywords: Mucoadhesive, anti-diabetic drug, nanoparticles, superporous hydrogels, glipizide, swelling, factorial design, Pellets, gastroretentive, factorial design
University: JSS University
Completed Date: 30/03/2015
Abstract: quotpH sensitive gastroretentive drug delivery systems based on superporous hydrogels was successfully formulated using glycol chitosan and PVA with glyoxal as crosslinking agent and optimized using 23 factorial design of experimentation. The drug release from SPHs was sustained for 12 h. In vivo study confirmed the gastroretentive property of the superporous hydrogel and was retained in the stomach for gt12h. Pharmacokinetic study showed the improvement in bioavailability of the drug. The studies showed that glycol chitosan-PVA based superporous hydrogels could be used as a gastroretentive drug delivery system for glipizide in view of their swelling and prolonged drug release characteristics in acidic pH. newlinepH sensitive gastroretentive pellets for antidiabetic drug pioglitazone HCl based on gas formation technique was successfully optimized using 32 factorial design of experimentation. The system consists of the drug loaded pellets which is coated with two different layers, inner layer of effervescent material (sodium bicarbonate) and an outermost layer of gas-entrapped sustained release polymeric membrane (Chitosan: Eudragit S100). Both the rapid floating and the sustained release properties were achieved in the pH sensitive gastroretentive drug delivery system. newlinepH sensitive mucoadhesive nanoparticles containing anti diabetic drug repaglinide, based on ionic gelation technique was successfully optimized using 32 factorial design of experimentation to produce stable nanoparticles. Results showed that the optimized repaglinide nanoparticles can be utilized for improvement in its delivery.
Pagination: i-xviii, 199p.
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