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17-Aug-2017Emerging technologies and their application in the indian criminal justice system with special reference to dna profiling narco analysis and polygraph test an appraisalVerma, SandhyaMohd. Ashraf.
30-Nov-2017Protection of an urbon child vis a vis human rights a case study of Haryana with special reference to MTP Act 1971 and PNDT Act 1994Husna Ara.Shakeel Ahmad.
16-Oct-2018Law and Practice of International Commercial Arbitration with Special Reference to JordanMunketh Ahmed Abdulkarim AlrawashedMohd Waseem Ali
28-Mar-2019Social Security for Labour in Tea Industry of Darjeeling with special reference to Women Worker An Empirical StudyGhause, Md. AzamMd. Rahmatullah
14-Jun-2019International refugee law and human rights a study of the status of refugees in North East IndiaAhmad, Nafeesn.d.
1-Aug-2019Custody of children under different legal systems a comparative studyJahan, TabassumSaleem Akhtar
1-Aug-2019HIV AIDS and human rights in India socio egal challenge with special reference to the role of NGOsJohn, SiniSaleem Akhtar
9-Apr-2019Weaker sections of society ans the constitution a socio legal analysisAhmad, AkhlaqTeacher Candidate
29-Apr-2019Socio Legal study of girl child in Uttar Pradesh with special reference to silk industry of AzamgarhAhmad, FirozSaleem Akhtar
30-Dec-2019Rescission of Contractual Obligation Problems and Prospects A Critical Analysis with Special Reference to Declaratory Decree and Cancellation of InstrumentsKhan, Faisal AliProf. (Dr.) IQBAL ALI KHAN