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9-Apr-2013Withania Somnifera and Withanolide a mediated restoration of AMPA and NMDA receptor function in Pilocarpine induced temporal Lobe EpilepsySoman, Smijin KPaulose, C S
10-Apr-2013Characterization of polyhydroxyalkanoates accumulating vibrios from marine benthic environments and production studies of polyhydroxyalkanoates by Vibrio sp. BTKB33Raghul Subin SBhat, Sarita G
7-Nov-2012Purification and characterisation of Vibriophage isolated from Mangalavanam mangroveArchana KishoreBhat, Sarita G
12-Jul-2016Strategies for control of bacterial biofilms using bioagentsLaxmi, MDr. Sarita G. Bhat
8-Apr-2013Neuronal degeneration in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats: effect of Aegle marmelose and pyridoxine in pancreatic cell proliferation and neuronal survivalAnitha MPaulose, C S
26-Nov-2010Dopamine D1 and D2 receptor gene expression and cGMP, IP3 and Ca2+ regulation in the brain regions of Hypoxic neonatal rats: role of glucose, oxygen and Epinephrine supplementationJoseph, BinoyPaulose, C S
7-Feb-2011Isolation and characterization of agglutinin in the hemolymph of penaeus indicus H.Milne EdwardsJayasree, SSelvan, G S
18-Jan-2016Gaba and 5ht chitosan nanoparticles enhanced liver Cell proliferation and neuronal survival in partially Hepatectomised rats gabab and 5ht2a receptors Functional regulationShilpa, JoyPaulose, C S
7-Sep-2011L-Glutaminase production by an immobilized marine Pseudomonas sp-BTMS-51Rajeev Kumar, SChandrasekaran, M
7-Jan-2016Biobutanol from lignocellulosic biomass by a novel Clostridium sporogenes BE01Lalitha Devi, GottumukkalaSukumaran, Rajeev Kumar