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Title: Mechanisms for Intrusion Detection in Pee to Peer Networks
Researcher: Narang Pratik
Guide(s): Hota Chittaranjan
Keywords: Intrusion Detection, Peer, Networks
University: Birla Institute of Technology and Science
Completed Date: 18/08/2015
Abstract: Peer-to-peer overlay networks brought together end-users from different newlineparts of the world and enabled them to share and mobilize resources. newlinePeer-to-peer networks have seen widespread deployment in newlineapplications related to file-sharing, sharing of computing resources, newlinemusic streaming, etc. Due to their decentralized and distributed architecture, newlinepeer-to-peer overlays involve many challenges of security. The newlinedistributed and decentralized peer-to-peer infrastructure has offered newlinea lucrative alternative to bot-masters to build botnets which are not newlineprone to any single point-of-failure. Recent botnets utilize the peerto- newlinepeer architecture for their command-and-control. Such botnets have newlinedemonstrated high resilience towards break-down and take-down attempts. newlineA significant portion of this thesis focuses on the problem of detection newlineof peer-to-peer botnets in the presence of traffic from benign peerto- newlinepeer applications. Our approaches leverage on the behavioral differences newlinebetween peer-to-peer botnets and benign peer-to-peer applications. newlineThe first approach combines the benefits of flow-based and newlineconversation-based mechanisms with a two-tier architecture, and addresses newlinethe limitations of the respective mechanisms. By extracting newlinestatistical features from the network traces of peer-to-peer applications newlineand botnets, we built supervised machine learning models which newlinecould accurately differentiate between benign peer-to-peer applications newlineand peer-to-peer botnets, and could also detect unknown peer-to-peer newlinebotnet traffic with high accuracy. newline
Appears in Departments:Computer Science & Information Systems

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