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dc.description.abstractRotational molding (RM) is ahightemperature, low-pressure, thermo-plasticprocessing method for the production of hollow or double-walledparts,usuallyoflargedimensions. Polyolifines like linear low density poly ethylene (LLDPE) arecommonly used as raw materials for the process. Rotationally molded parts findapplications in many engineering and domestic outdoor applications requiring newlineimproved mechanical properties, which is limited by the choice of materials and newlinethe process itself as it demands high thermal stability of the polymer over a newlinelarge temperature range. The normal trend of researchers is to focus on process newlineparameters and new polymer blends with micro scale additives to improve the newlinemechanical properties of the product. However, the use of nanocomposites for RM newlinehave not been adequately addressed. In this research work, nanocomposites of newlinefumed silica (FS) have been used along with LLDPE. Detailed investigation is newlinerequired to understand the alteration of rheological and mechanical properties newlineof the polymer with the addition of nano particles. This work is focused on newlineexperimental investigations of RM of LLDPE - FS nano composites to improve the newlinemelt flow characteristics of the polymer as well as mechanical properties of the newlineproduct. newlineMelt flow index (MFI) is commonly used to ascertain the melt characteristics of newlinethermoplastic polymers. For RM using LLDPE, MFI values between 3.5 to 5 g/10 newlinemin (at 2.16 kg/190oC) are preferred. The MFI values of LLDPE and FS blends newlinewere measured and proper blends for RM were identified. RM being a low shear newlineprocess, parallel plate rheometry studies were conducted to study the melt rheology newlineof LLDPE - FS blends and zero shear viscosity was found out. Based on the zero newlineshear viscosity inferences were drawn about the interaction between the nano newlineparticles and LLDPE chains. In order to analyze the variations in melt torque newlineduring compounding of LLDPE, torque rheometry studies were performed. newlineThe effect of FS on the mechanical and visco elastic properties of LLDPE newlinehas been f
dc.titleInvestigations on rheological and thermomechanical properties of lldpe fumed silica nanocomposites for rotational molding
dc.creator.researcherChandran V, Girish
dc.subject.keywordInvestigations, Thermomechanical, Properties, Nanocomposites, Molding
dc.contributor.guideWaigaonkar, Sachin D
dc.publisher.universityBirla Institute of Technology and Science
dc.publisher.institutionMechanical Engineering
Appears in Departments:Mechanical Engineering

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