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Title: quotNovel 3C Concepts in Isoparametric and Anisoparametric Finite Elementsquot
Guide(s): Gangan Prathap
Keywords: Isoparametric and Anisoparametric, Finite Elements
University: Birla Institute of Technology and Science
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Abstract: Finite element formulations have historically relied on key principles of continuity newlineand completeness. Three relatively new concepts of correspondence, newlineconsistency and correctness are yet to form an inherent part of element newlineformulation. This thesis attempts to lay a framework for element formulation that newlineis based on these novel 3C concepts of correspondence, consistency and newlinecorrectness. The concept of isoparametric element formulations can be thought newlineof as a good reason for the widespread use of finite element analysis across newlinedifferent engineering domains. Through the two decades of 1970s and 1980s, newlinethe early pitfalls of this formulation like shear locking were studied in detail. The newlinesolutions offered by the researchers can be classified into two broad categories. newlineThe tactical ones like use of selective integration is one solution. The other newlinesolution, more strategic in nature was through judicious use of strain fields, which newlinecould be field-consistent, or a substitute strain field. Great amount of work done newlineon the strain fields have resulted in a reasonably clear understanding of the newlinephenomena of shear locking, though the new and emerging concepts of newlinecorrespondence were not a part of these formulations. Later formulations like newlineanisoparametric elements that did not require selective integration were not newlineformulated keeping the concepts of correspondence, consistency and newlinecorrectness in mind. newlineIn this thesis, the 3C concepts are first explained from fundamental principles for newlineboth statics and dynamics applications. Since isoparametric elements have been newlineso versatile in their applications, these elements are first examined from the newlineperspective of 3C concepts, more as a prelude to the detailed study of newlineanisoparametric formulations from the same 3C concepts. In the process, some newlineof the historical elements that were introduced in the 1960 s are studied and newlineshown that they are totally oblivious to the 3C concepts. A significant portion of newlinethis thesis is on ansioparametric elements - which have been extensively used newlinefor the
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