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1-Feb-2017Influence of Sensitizers Co dopants on Rare Earth doped Yttrium Silicate Nano Phosphors for Luminescence ApplicationsRamakrishna, GNagabhushana, H
1-Feb-2017Luminescent Properties of Combustion Synthesized Rare Earth and Transition Metal Ions Doped ZnA12 O4 NanophosphorsRavikumar, B. SNagabhushana, H
1-Feb-2017Luminescence Properties of Rare Earth and Transition Metal Doped Nano Magnesium OxideDevaraja, P.BAvadhani, D.N
1-Feb-2017Spectroscopic and Luminescence studies of CeO2 nanophosphors doped with rare earth and transition metal ionsMalleshappa, JNagabhushana H
28-Jun-2019Plant latex mediated green combustion synthesis of rare earth doped nano oxides study of structural and photo luminescence propertiesGeetha M.S.Nagabhushana H.
4-Jun-2019Characterization of NLO crystal potassium dihydrogen phosphate KDP doped with rare earth metals grown by slow evaporation seed rotation technique and SR methodRoopa V.Kumari A.R.
4-Jun-2019Synthesis of rare earth and transition metal ions doped nanoparticles structural morphological and luminescence studiesShilpa C. J.Nagabhushana H.
4-Jun-2019Green synthesis of pure and doped metal oxide and metal oxide reduced graphene oxide hybrid structures spectroscopic luminescence and dielectric applicationsRohini B.S.Nagabhushana H.
3-Jun-2019Synthesis characterization and luminescence studies of doped oxide and silicate nanophosphors for display device applicationsBasavaraj R.B.Nagabhushana H.
3-Jun-2019Bio synthesis of rare earth and transition metal ions doped oxide nano structured materials for multifunctional applicationsKavyashree D.Kumari A. R.