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16-Feb-2018Medico ethnobotanical exploration of Nayagarh district and adjoining regions of Orissa IndiaMishra, Anuja KumariPrusti, Arati Bala
24-Jan-2018Studies on plant regeneration from in vitro cultures and agrobacterium mediated genetic transformation of grasspea lathyrus Sativus LBarik, Durga PrasadChand, P K
10-May-2018Taxonomic studies on the family iridaceae of IndiaBahali, DharanidharRath, S P
25-Jan-2019Changes in antioxidant system in germinating and callus forming rice seedsNayak, Guru CharanKar, M; Sabat, S C
25-Jan-2019Floristic studies in the religious centres of Khurda district with special reference to BhubaneswarDas, JayashreeChoudhury, Bhabani Prasad
30-Jan-2019Molecular phylogeny and in vitro studies of tree AcaciasNanda, Rashmi MadhumitaRout, G R
30-Jan-2019Palynomorphological and taxonomic studies of Cyperaceae with special reference to some of the species complexesPani, GitanjaliRath, S P
30-Jan-2019Growth and establishment responses of selected pasture legume in chromite mine overburden soil under suitable Microbial applicationPattnaik, Mousumi MadhusmitaMisra, Aruna Kumari
29-Jan-2019Studies on seed invigoration and associated physiological and biochemical changes in maizeNayak, MitrabindaPatra, Hemanta Kumar; Vari, Alice K
30-Jan-2019Investigation on the effect of salinity on photosynthetic apparatus of the mangrove analysis of sodium chloride NaCl stress in bruguiera parvifloraParida, Asish KumarDas, A B