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23-Jul-2014Studies on mebloidogyne incognita rhizoctonia solani disease complex in pseuderanthemum atropurpureum and its managamentGanie Mucksood AhmadKhan Tabreiz Ahmad
24-Jul-2017Studies on in vitro morphogenesis and propagability of two species of willow Salix Alba L and Salix Tetrasperm A RoxeKhan Md. ImranMohammad Anis.
20-Sep-2013Biotechnological approaches for the development of regeneration protocol and conservation of some threatened medicinal plantsSahai, AasthaAnwar, Shahzad
23-Jul-2014Influence of gamma irradiated sodium alginate and some macronutrients on the essential oil production in Foeniculum Vulgare MillHashmi, NadeemKhan, Masroor A
23-Jul-2014Evaluation of mutants of linium species linseed developed through gamma rays and chemical mutagensAlkaAnsari, M Y K
23-Jul-2014Studies on the inteaction of meloidogyne javanica ralstonia solanacearum and xanthomonas campestris pv Vesicatoria on tomatoSingh, NeeluSiddiqui, Zaki A
26-Jul-2017Effects of brassinosteroids on boron and salt induces changes in Indian mustard Brassica juncealVashney, PriyankaFariduddin, Qazi
13-Oct-2016Characterization of a virus causing yellow net disease of carrot daucus carota LRathore, AlkaNaqvi, S. Qamar Abbas
13-Oct-2016Mutagenic effects of diethyl sulphate DES and sodium azide SA on cytomorphological characters of chickpea Cicer arietinum L VARS Avarodhi and Pusa 256Zakia ParveenAinul Haq Khan
21-Nov-2016Brassinosteroids countering Herbicidal Phytotoxity in Triticum aestivumSugandha VarshneyProf. Nafees A. Khan