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23-Jul-2020Some Prophylactic Strategies against Infectious DiseasesAhmad, FarazMohammad Owais
24-Jul-2020Immune potential of Mycobacterium tuberculosis hypoxic stress induced Acr 1 protein against intracellular Mycobacterium species infectionNidaMohammad Owais
6-Jul-2020Damage to human and rat red blood cells by various agents and protective effect of antioxidants in vitro and in vivo studiesQasim, Neha MohdRiaz Mahmood
22-Jul-2020Molecular characterization of carbapenemase producing bacterial strain of enterobacteriaceae familyAhmad, NayeemAsad Ullah Khan
1-Jul-2020Nanocomposites as versatile carriers for high yield immobilization and stablization of beta GalactosidaseKhan,MaryamQayyum Husain
29-Jun-2020Purification and biochemical characterization of cysteine proteinase inhibitor from Brassica juncea Indian mustard seeds Its interaction with glutathione reductase in the presence of metal ionsKhan, ShumailaBilqees Bano
21-Oct-2020Antidiabetic study of vitamins B1 B3 and B6 on alloxan induced diabetic rats and their anti glycation propertiesAbdullah, K MImrana Naseem
12-Mar-2021Role of cytokines in eshtablisment and survival of intracellular pathogen in the hostMujeeb, Anzar AbdulMohammad, Owais
25-Jan-2021Biochemical and toxicological studies with sodium nitrite effect on human blood and some rat tissuesAnsari, Fariheen AishaMahmood, Riaz
9-Mar-2021Interaction of aminophylline with photoilluminated riboflavin DNA damage cytotoxic and anticancer studyKhan, SaniyyaNaseem,Imrana