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19-Oct-2015Studies on soluble and immobilized beta galactosidases and their applications in the hydrolysis of lactoseHaider, ToshibaHusain, Qayyum
19-Oct-2015Studies on the pseudomonas species capable of detoxifying certain water pollutantsWasi, SaminaAhmad, Masood
19-Oct-2015Effect of photoilluminated riboflavin in combination with some anti cancer compounds on macromolecules and R B CHusain, EramNaseem, Imrana
19-Oct-2015Mechanism of physiological action of plant derived polyphenols _The plant polyphenol delphinidin mobilizes endogenous copper leading to oxidative dna breakage: implications for anticancer properties_Hanif, SarmadHadi, S M
19-Oct-2015Comparative study of the impact of different oils on healthKaleem, M.Bano, Bilqees
19-Oct-2015Proflavine_dependent modification of macromolecule in the presence of transition metal ionsGatasheh, Mansour K MNaseem, Imrana
19-Oct-2015Immunological correlation between various autoimmune diseases and Mycobacterium tuberculosisHasan, NaziaIslam, Najmul
19-Oct-2015Studies on the effect of ï _3 and ï _6 fatty acids on rat kidney and intestine under pathophysiologic conditionsPriyamvada, ShubhaYusufi, A N K
19-Oct-2015Studies on the mechanism of action of plant derived polyphenolic compounds caffeic acid_cu ii induced DNA breakage in human peripheral lymphocytes implications for anticancer propertiesBhat, Showket HussainHadi, S M
19-Oct-2015Purification and characterization of peroxidases from bitter gourd, momordica charantiaFatima, AimanHusain, Qayyum