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6-Jun-2014Mono- and binuclear transition metal complexes of N(4)-substituted thiosemicarbazones derived from salicylaldehyde and 2-hydroxyacetophenone : synthesis, spectral and structural studiesSeena E BKurup, M R Prathapachandra
6-Jun-2014Polymeric complexes synthesis, characterization and analytical applicationsSaji John KGirish Kumar K
6-Jun-2014Spectral, structural and biological studies of some metal complexes of N-substituted 2-Benzoylpyridine ThiosemicarbazonesJoseph, MarthakuttyKurup, M R Prathapachandra
6-Jun-2014Crystal structures and spectral aspects of mixed ligand transition metal chelates derived from aldehyde based ons donor thiosemicarbazonesJinsa, Jacob MaryPrathapachandra Kurup, M R
6-Jun-2014Chemically modified glassy carbon electrode as sensors for various pharmaceuticalsLeena RGirish Kumar K
6-Jun-2014Catalysis by pillared montmorillonites exchanged with transition metalsKurian, ManjuPrathapan S; Sugunan S
24-Dec-2012Zeolite encapsufatea complexes of ruthenium synthesis characterisation and catalytic activity studiesVarghese, Annu AnnaMohammed Yusuff, K K
24-Dec-2012Synthesis and photochemistry of a few Olefin appended Dibenzobarrelenes and BisdibenzobarrelenesJacob, Ambily MaryPrathapan S
24-Dec-2012Investigations on some Titania supportedVakayil, Abmed YasirMohammed Yusuff, K K
10-Jan-2013Studies on the solvent dependence in the reaction of a few Anthracen9 yl methylamines and sulfanes with reactive AcetylenesMallia, Rekha RPrathapan S