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21-Oct-2013Slum dwellers of shillong city in Meghalaya StateSingh, AlkaKunwar, Neelma; Singh, Meenakshi
21-Aug-2013A comparative study of social and emotional development of late childhood of working and nonworking womenTomar, AnupamJain, Kamini; Singh, Menakshi
21-Aug-2013A comparative study to assess the nutrient intake among working and non-working women in Lucknow DistrictSingh, ArchanaJain, Kamini; Singh, Meenakshi
9-Sep-2013A study on acceptance and constraints of non conventional energy devices used by rural householdsTiwari, NidhiNigam, Veena; Singh, Meenakshi
9-Sep-2013A study on the impact of socio economic and nutritional status of primary school childern on their cognative developmentTyagi, AnkitaSingh, Dheer
11-Sep-2013A study of personality, mental health and self esteem among different nutritional status childrenTiwari, SangeetaSingh, Ritam
10-Sep-2013A study of hypolipidemic effect of linseed (linum usitatissmium L.) in the diet of cardiovascular patientsChakraborty, ShaliniSingh, Dheer
11-Sep-2013A study of personality of different nutritional status children in relation to their self concept and achivement motivationSengar, PratimaMeena Kumari
7-Oct-2013Samkalin bharatiya mahilaon may archan ka manovaignaanic prabhav (समकालीन भारतीय महिलाओ में आरक्षण का मनोवैग्नानिक प्रभाव )Dixit, Urmi (दीक्षित, उर्मि )Nagaich, N K (एन के नगाइच )
21-Aug-2013A comparative study of the personality pattern for person suffering from psychosomatic and functional disordersPandey, UpasnaChandra, Satish