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Title: To Develop and Evaluate Therapeutic Potential of Noval Carriers Floating Microspheres and Mucoadhesive Polymeric Films For Effective Management of H Pylori
Researcher: Amit Sharma
Guide(s): Dr. D. S. Rathore
Keywords: microspheres,drug delivery systems
University: Suresh Gyan Vihar University
Completed Date: 
Abstract: newline Floating microspheres are gastro-retentive drug delivery systems newlinebased on non-effervescent approach. Hollow microspheres are in strict newlinesense, spherical empty particles without core. These microspheres are newlinecharacteristically free flowing powders consisting of proteins or synthetic newlinepolymers, ideally having a size less than 200 micrometer. Solid newlinebiodegradable microspheres incorporating a drug dispersed or dissolved newlinethroughout particle matrix have the potential for controlled release of newlinedrugs (Shivkr. et al., 2004). newlineThe present treatment of H. pylori infection is based on the newlinecombination of two antibiotics and a H2 receptor antagonist together. newlineTriple therapy usually gives better H. pylori eradication than single and newlinedual drug therapy. The presence of three drugs in the same system will newlinelead to improved efficacy of the system and increased patient newlinecompliance. newlineAdvantages of Gastro retentive films are that it adheres directly to newlinethe mucous network where H. pylori resides. newlineIn proposed research two different formulations are hypothesized newlineto prepare i.e.- newline1. Drug loaded Eudragit floating microspheres. newline2. Triple drug loaded mucoadhesive chitosan polymeric films. newlineTo obtain better therapeutic potential in the region of H. Pylori is newlinestill a challenge for researchers. To resolve the above said challenges newlinepresent research work is proposed. In this work two different newlineformulations are hypothesized to develop, first formulation contains newlinesingle drug (Clarithromycin) loaded Eudragit floating microspheres and newlinesecond formulation contains combined drug (triple drug i.e. Amoxicillin newlineTrihydrate, Metronidazole, Famotidine) loaded mucoadhesive polymeric newlinefilm of chitosan. newlineBoth formulations consists targeting potential in each. newlineFloating Microspheres as it is made of Eudragit polymer it will release newlinethe encapsulated drug only when favorable pH (7.0) will available. H. newlinePylori alters surrounding pH from acidic to neutral, thus Eudragit newlinefloating microspheres will target (passively) towards the H.
Appears in Departments:Department of Pharmacy

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