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20-Nov-2012Effects of yogic training aerobic training and detraining on health related physical fitness of college male studentsSuresh, CSakthignanavel, D
20-Aug-2014Effect of Continuous Running and Fartlek Training on Selected Physical Physiological and Skill Related Variables of Football PlayersMadhankumar, T.Sakthignanavel, D.
20-Aug-2014Effect of Yogasana Practice and Swissball Training On Selected Physical and Physiological Variables of University Female StudentsAruna Raj, A.Sultana, D.
24-Jun-2014Effect of Proprioceptive Training on Select Motor Fitness and Skill Performance Variables of Hockey PlayersDelhi Ganesh, P.Sultana, D.
20-Aug-2014Effects of Isolated and Combined Training of Dands Baithaks and Yogasanas on Specific Physical and Physiological Variables among School BoysGurunathan, M.Subramaniam, P.K.
20-Aug-2014Influence of Different Resistance Training Protocols on Selected Physical Physiological and Biochemical Variables of College Men StudentsJayasivarajan, S.Vasanthi, G.
25-May-2018Effect of yogic practices aerobic training and combined training of yogic practices and aerobic training on pulmonary function and physical fitness variables of adolescent boysNagaraj, S.Vasanthi, G.
25-Apr-2018Effect of resistance and plyometric training on selected physical physiological and skill performance variables among female hockey playersSivachandran, P.Y.Vasanthi, G.
19-Apr-2018Effect of strength endurance and concurrent training on selected physical and physiological variables of college studentsSuresh, A.Elayaraja, M.
19-Apr-2018Effect of different impact multi aerobic training programmes on bone density and selected physiological parameters in young healthy university studentsPramod, K.G.Elayaraja, M.