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5-Apr-2016A new approach to radar image despeckling using undecimated wavelet transform based block matching 3d algorithm for classification applicationsY. Murali Mohan BabuDr. M.V. Subrahmanyam and Dr. M.N. Giriprasad
10-Nov-2017segmentation and analysis of satellite images for damage assessment in the context of natural calamity imagesLakshmi Devi PujariDr. S. Varadarajan
13-Mar-2015Complex wavelet based image analysisD. Srinivasulu ReddyDr. S. Varadarajan and Dr. M.N. Giriprasad
13-Feb-2017Beamforming in smart antennas with spatial diversity along with precise direction of arrival estimationT.S. Ghouse BashaDr. M.N. Giri Prasad
24-Oct-2013Performance evaluation of tuning of pid controller using neural networks and fuzzy logic controller for tool wearPolaiah BojjaVARADARAJAN, S; GIRI PRASAD, M N
9-Dec-2014Wavelet based image compression algorthmsD. Prathyusha ReddiProf. M.N. Giriprasad and Prof. S. Varadarajan
17-Mar-2015Speech recognition using different approachesT. Lalitha KumarProf. K. Soundara Rajan
16-Feb-2015Design and development of embedded processor based low power wireless system for biomedical applicationsD. VishnuvardhanDr. K. Soundarrajan and Dr. Y. Narasimha Murthy
31-Oct-2017Machine learning approach for suitable kernal function and its efficacy on sar imagesP. Deepthi JordhanaProf. K. Soundararajan
21-Nov-2017Efficient placement techniques for modern vlsi designRachapudi PrabhakarDr. K.E.Sreenivasa Murthy and Dr. K. Soundararajan