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4-Jul-2018Effect of Wheatgrass on Alcohol and and#916;Pufa Induced HepatotoxicityVaralakshmi, DRukkumani, R
4-Jul-2018Pleiotropic Effects of Wheatgrass on Cancer A Study to Unravel the Underlying Mechanisms and to Delineate the Potential Molecular TargetsGarima ShakyaRukkumani, R
4-Jul-2018Investigation on the Anticarcinogenic Potential of Sesbania Grandiflora Leaves Focus On the Molecular Mechanism of ActionSankar, PRukkumani, R
4-Jul-2018Studies on the Neuroprotective Effect of Valeriana Wallichii Rhizome Extract in the in Vitro and in Vivo Models of Parkinsons DiseaseSubhashree, SSudha Rani, S
4-Jul-2018A Comparative Study on the Effect of Fenugreek Seed Extract and Two of Itsphytoconstituents Trigonelline and Diosgenin in Type 2 Diabetic RatsTharaheswari, MSudha Rani, S
4-Jul-2018Anti Proliferative and Anti Metastatic Studies Of Disulfiram and Disulfiram Loaded Poly D L Lactide Co Glycolic Acid Nanoparticles On Hepatocellular Carcinoma Hep3b Cell LineMuddasarul HodaRukkumani, R
16-Feb-2018Anticarcinogenic effects of an analog of curcumin delineating the molecular targets in comparison with curcumin an in vitro and in silico approachKumaravel, MRukkumani, R
23-Sep-2014Biochemical Effects of Antagonistic Microorganisms on Fusarium oxysporum Schlecht Emend Snyder and Hansen Infecting Arachis hypogaea LPilli RajeswariKannabiran, B.
23-Sep-2014Identification and Probiotic Evaluation of COCCI from Idly Batter and Characterization of Antimicrobial Substances from Pediococcus Pentosaceus VJ13 and Exopolysaccharide from Leuconostoc Lactis VJ52Vidhyasagar, V.Jeevaratnam, K.
20-Aug-2014Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Antimicrobial Substances and the Producer Lactobacilli from Idli Batter and their Evaluation for Probiotic PropertiesJayaprabha Agaliya, P.Jeevaratnam, K.
1-Jul-2014Biochemical Biophysical and Molecular Biology Studies on Thermostable LaccaseNirmal Kumar, G.Srikumar, K.
1-Jul-2014Functional Studies on the Effects of Low Doses of Nonylphenol on the Liver of Adult Male RatsJubendradass, R.Mathur, P.P.
1-Jul-2014Studies on the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Thermophilic Xylanase In Cereus pterogonus AND Opuntia vulgarisVikramathithan, J.Srikumar, K.
1-Jul-2014Functional Studies on the Effects of Low Doses of Bisphenol A on the Testis of Adult Rats-Mathur, P.P.
18-Dec-2012Oxidative stress in chronic renal failure: molecular basis of its deleterious effects and therapeutical considerations an experimental and clinical studySelvaraj, NZachariah Bobby
10-Dec-2012Salicylic acid (elicitor) induced hypersensitive responses in Capsicum annum. L. infected with Colletotrichum capsici (Syd.) butler & bisbyRajeswari, S NKannabiran, B
20-Nov-2012Studies on phytohormone induced biochemical and histological changes in male albino rat tissuesMuthu, SSrikumar, K
9-Nov-2010Physiological biochemical and molecular responses of five vigna radiata (L.) wilczek cultivars under salinity stressSumithra, KReddy, Attipalli
9-Nov-2010Comparative study on the biochemistry and molecular biology of thermophilic cellulase (endoglucanase) in opuntia vulgaris and cereus pterogonusShyamala, SSrikumar, K
9-Nov-2010Synergistic effects of microbial antagonists and phytoextract on rhlzoctonla Solani KUHN Infecting glycine max (L.) Merr.Asha, A NKannabiran, B
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23