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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
7-Nov-2016Fabrication electrical and structural characterization of metal schottky contacts on n type indium phosphide inpT. Lakshmi NarasappaDr.Y. Munikrishna Reddy and Dr. R. Padmasuvarna
1-May-2017Transport and magnetic properties of transition metals doped nano zinc ferrites for high performance devicesDaruka Prasad
27-Jan-2017optical characterization of rare earth eu3 tb3 sm3 dy3 pr3 and tm3 ions doped bagd2ti4o12 powder ceramicsS. Hema Sundara RajuDr. C. Nageswara Raju and Dr. K. Thyagarajan
4-May-2017Luminescence spectroscopic studies of rare earth and transition metal ions doped cdsio3 nanophospherB.M. ManoharaDr. H. Nagabhushana and Dr. K. Thyagarajan
10-Nov-2017Synthesis and characterization of pzt thin films on alumina and quartz substratesK. SreelalithaDr. K. Thyagarajan
8-May-2017Studies on structural and electrical properties of poly ethylene oxide nanocomposite electrolytesJ. GurusiddappaDr. R. Padma Suvarna
13-Nov-2017Study of magnetic and electrical transport properties of bismuth doped co and zn nano ferritesN. Suresh KumarDr. K. Vijaya Kuamr
5-May-2017Dft calculations for exploring graphene adsorbed with different elements for tco applicationsK. VagdeviDr. Radhika Devi and Dr. K. Venkateswara Rao
30-Nov-2017studies on structural magnetic and dielectric properties of cr3 substituted zinc and cobalt nanoferritesM. LakshmiDr. K. Vijaya Kumar and Dr. K. Thyagarajan
13-Oct-2016Fabrication electrical and structural caracterization of metal schottky contacts on n type indium phosphide inpT. LakshminarasappaDr. Y. Munikrishna Reddy