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26-Mar-2019Intersection Graph Of Zero Divisors Of The Commutative RingShaik SajanaD.Bharathi
13-Oct-2017Intersection of triple oppression in the novels of toni morrison and bamaMaria J Adalin MonikaJasmine Mathialagan
21-Jun-2017Intersectoral analysis of developing economy a possible new approachBasu, KrishnaMukerji, V
24-May-2016Intersectoral and intrasectoral income flows in a prosperous agricultural regionIyyampillai, SRajapurohit, A R
6-Jan-2014Intersemiotic transformations: a study of works of two medieval Indian bhakti poets, akka mahadevi and andalTyagi, AlkaShivaprakash, H S
26-Jul-2017Interspecific and clonal variations in species of agave and costus in relation to the structure and behaviour of chromosomesChattopadhyay, SuchitraSharma, A K
23-Jan-2014Interspecific hybrid embryos (bubalus bubalis x bos taurus) : the onset of transcription, microtubule organization, stage specific gene expression and in vitro developmental competPatil, ShekharShaha, Chandrima
22-Nov-2016Interspecific hybridization for disease and pest resistance in bringal solanum melongenalThakare, Bhaskar RamchandraChavan, A.M.
5-Apr-2016Interspecific hybridization for disease and pest resistance in bringal solanum melongenalThakare,Bhaskar RamchandraChavan,A.M.
26-Jul-2017Interspecific hybridization involving cultivated and wild species of jute towards achieving biotic resistance and evaluation of genetic diversity by means of SSRSarkar, AmritaSinha, Mohit Kumar
31-Dec-2015Interspecific interactions on energy utilization in fish populationsJeyaseeli, ANarayanan, M
4-Jun-2018Interstate and inter regional disparity in Achievement of inclusive growth during the plan period in indiaSundar. LSundar. I
12-Apr-2018Interstate variation of efficiency and productivity in selected Indian industriesJana, SajalAdhikary, Maniklal
17-Dec-2015Interstate variations in economic growth in IndiaDholakia,Ravindra HKothari,V N
16-Jun-2016Interstellar studies from reception of radio signals using hydrogen line spectrometer and to investigate the transient emissions from the sunSarkar, AsimBhattacharya, A.B and Mitra, D
21-Feb-2017Intersubband optical transition in wide band gap ii vi semiconductor quantum nano heterostructuresChristina Lily Jasmine, PJohn Peter, A
26-Nov-2018Intersubjectivity Life world and Social Context in Edmund Husserls PhenomenologySujatha KPrabhakaran V
11-Jul-2016Intersubunit and interprotein interactions of bacterially expressed human eif2 subunits and the importance of eIF2and#945; phosphorylation in apoptosisKamindla, RajeshRamaiah, K V A
25-Jan-2017Intertextuality in select fiction of J M CoetzeeAnuradhaRawat, Urmil