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17-Oct-2016A new role of 5_aminolevulinic acid as a plant growth substanceBinduroy, CVivekanandan, M
18-Jun-2013Catalytic properties and industrial potential of halophilic extracellular protease from salt – pan isolatesLeela, AVivekanandan, M
17-Oct-2016Characterization of naturally occurring Pseudomonas putida for bioremediation of oil_contaminated sitesUthaya Marthanda Raghavan, PVivekanandan, M
19-Oct-2016Dual inoculation of Glomus fasiculatum _Thaxter_ Gerde and Trappe and Rhizobium _Vigna Species_ on physiology of nodulation and growth of Cajanus cajan _L_ Millsp and Vigna radiata _L_ WilczekKamaladevi, PVivekanandan, M
18-Oct-2016Effect of pre_sowing soaking treatment and foliar application of salts on growth and yield of soybeanSathiyamoorthy, PVivekanandan, M
18-Oct-2016Effective utilisation of tannery sludge or polluted soil through phytoremediationSakthivel, VVivekanandan, M
19-Oct-2016Effects of cement kiln exhausts _Electrostatic precipitator dust_ on growth root nodule biochemistry and crop productivity in legumes through simulation studiesSaralabai, V CVivekanandan, M
14-Oct-2016Effects of long term land application of aqueous oil effluent on growth and productivity of certain varieties of Oryza sativa L and Vigna mungo L HepperIlangovan, KVivekanandan, M
17-Oct-2016Effects of pre_sowing soaking treatment of seeds with NaCl and KCl on mobilization of storage reserves during germination and further growth in Gossypium hirsutum L var MCU_9 and Helianthus annuus L var CO_2Xavier, Mary AnselemVivekanandan, M
14-Oct-2016Evaluation of Mulberry genotypes for drought resistance in alkaline soilDorcus, DVivekanandan, M
19-Oct-2016Investigation of rhizosphere microflora and application of biofertilizers to improve fast growing forest tree speciesSaravanan, AVivekanandan, M
19-Oct-2016Isolation and characterization of rhizobial strains from different environments for improvement of morphometric parameters nodulation and economic productivity in some legumesGhouse Basha, MVivekanandan, M
19-Oct-2016Molecular characterizations of novel calcium binding GTPase _ CBG _ and calmodulin binding monoglyceride lipase _ MGL _ genes of Arabidopsis thaliana _ L _HeynhKandakumar, JVivekanandan, M
14-Oct-2016Studies on embryo greening in the developing seeds of Cyamopsis tetragonoloba _L_ taubKaladharan, PVivekanandan, M
14-Oct-2016Studies on formation of chloroplast pigments in the chloroembryo of dolichos lablab LPalanisamy, KVivekanandan, M
18-Oct-2016Studies on the physiology and biochemistry of stigmatic exudate and in vitro pollen growthKandasamy, M KVivekanandan, M
18-Oct-2016The catalytic effects of pulsed magnetic field _PMF_ on crop plantsAbdul Hameed, M JVivekanandan, M