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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
20-May-2016Collisionless plasma and the magnetosphereRevathy KViswanathan K S
25-Jun-2016Elastic wave propagation in crystals and the lattice vibrations in A 15 compoundsPrabhakaran Nayar S RViswanathan K S
19-Aug-2016Electromagnetic instabilities in the magnetosphereRenuka GViswanathan K S
21-Nov-2019H and#960; Hydrogen bonded complexes Matrix isolation infrared and AB initio computational studiesSundararajan KViswanathan K S
18-Sep-2019Hydrogen bonded and van der waals complexes of trimethyl phosphate and some high temperature reactions of uranium studied using matrix isolation infrated spectroscopySankar KViswanathan K S
3-Sep-2019Matrix Isolation infrared spectroscopy of organic phosphates and some complexes utility of a supersonic jet source for such studiesVidya VViswanathan K S
7-Nov-2019Matrix Isolation infrared and ab initio studies on the conformations of some acyclic acetals and ketals Model compounds for understanding the conformations of organic phosphatesVenkatesan VViswanathan K S
20-May-2016Near perpendicular propagation of ion cyclotron and electromagnetic waves in a loss cone plasmaVenugopal CViswanathan K S
25-Jun-2016Phase Transition in Solids and SolitonsJeeja Ramani J CViswanathan K S
10-Nov-2017Phonons and Solitons in Crystal LatticesNarasimha Iyer VViswanathan K S
8-Jun-2017Propagation of elastic waves in crystals and scattering of neutrons by anharmonic latticesJacob PhilipViswanathan K S
29-Jun-2016Study of the electrodynamics of the equatorial electrojetViswanathan K SReddy C A