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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
12-Jun-2017coordination behaviour of thiosemicarbazone hydrazone ligands in ruthenium ii nickle ii complexes synthesis characterization crystal structure and applicationsSelvamurugan SViswanathamurthi P
17-Feb-2020Design and synthesis of fluorogenic switches for detection of ionic and neutral analytes applications in real samples and live cell imagingGomathi AViswanathamurthi P
12-Jun-2017investigation on corrosion inhibition of cast iron in acidic medium by natural and organic inhibitorsRajeswari VViswanathamurthi P
27-Mar-2019Investigations on nickel ii copper i ii and ruthenium ii chelates encompassing thiourea dithiocarbazate derivatives synthesis structure and bio applicationsVijayan PViswanathamurthi P
17-Dec-2015Nickel II ruthenium II III and rhodium I complexes bearing quinone based thiosemicarbazone semicarbazone ligands synthesis characterization and applicationsAnitha PViswanathamurthi P
12-Jun-2017Ru ii iii and cu 1 complexes incorporating schiff base ligands derived from salicyladehydes synthesis characterization crystal structure and biological catalytic evaluationsPrakash GViswanathamurthi P
12-Jun-2017Ruthenium ii and nickle ii complexes designed with n heterocyclic carbene ligands synthesis characterization crystal structure and catalytic evaluationsNirmala MViswanathamurthi P
17-Dec-2015Synthesis characterization and crystal structure of co III ni II ru II and cd II complexes bearing thiosemicarbazone based ligands and their applicationsManikandan RViswanathamurthi P