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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
28-Dec-2017Catalysis of chemical reactions synthesis characterization and catalytic performance of aluminophosphate based molecular sievesJoseph Antony Raj KVijayaraghavan V R
7-Jun-2019Kinetics of redox reactions synthesis characterisation and redox kinetics of some cobalt III dimethylglyoximato complexesAmirthavalli RaghupathyVijayaraghavan V R
7-Jun-2019Kinetics of reduction of Cobalt III Dioxime Complexes Synthesis characterisation and kinetics of the iron II and Complexes containing coordinated pyridine derivativesDayalan AVijayaraghavan V R
7-Nov-2019Metal complexes in solution kinetics of electron transfer reactions of some cobalt III Dimethylglyoxime complexes in solutionBalasubramanian P NVijayaraghavan V R
26-Aug-2020Studies on i photocatalysis by Tio2 cata ii catalysis of alkylation by Tio loaded SAPO and iii TI III catalysis of the reduction of nitroaromaticsMeenakshi M SVijayaraghavan V R
3-Sep-2019Studies on the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide using nickel II aza macrocyclic complexes as catalysts at hanging mercury drop electrodeAulice Scibioh MVijayaraghavan V R
29-Jan-2020Studies on the oxidation of quinols and hydrogen peroxide with Ni III AZA macrocyclesAnuradha SVijayaraghavan V R
30-Dec-2019Studies on the reduction of carbon dioxide by Electrochemical pathway using metal macrocycles as catalystsRani SVijayaraghavan V R
26-Aug-2019Synthesis and characterization of high polymers synthesis characterization and thermal properties of azo polyamide esters and azo polyestersSamikkannu SVijayaraghavan V R