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17-Feb-2020Biosynthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles using plant extracts and evaluation of both in vitro and in vivo anticancer activityPrasannaraj GVenkatachalam P
24-Apr-2014Characterization ex vivo expansion and cardiomyogenic differentiation of human bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cellsBaraneedharan UVenkatachalam P
24-Apr-2014Characterization ex vivo expansion and cardiomyogenic differentiation of human bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cellsBaraneedharan UVenkatachalam P
13-Oct-2020Comparison on the direct and bystander effect in lymphocyte and fibroblast exposed to low and high linear energy transfer radiation and to calculate its relative biological effectivenesKarthik KVenkatachalam P
27-Mar-2019Expression analysis of defense related genes and pathways in brassica juncea in response to aphid infestationKoramutla Murali KrishnaVenkatachalam P
24-Apr-2014Genetic Studies of Male InfertilityVijayalakshmi JVenkatachalam P
6-Sep-2012Genetic study on refractory anemia group of myelodysplastic syndromes MDS RAVenkateswaran NVenkatachalam P
28-Mar-2019Measurement of entrance surface dose and biological effects of low dose Ionizing radiation received during neuro interventional radiological proceduresSafa Abdul Syed BasheerudeenVenkatachalam P
23-Dec-2015Mercury and lead heavy metal toxicity induced biochemical and molecular changes and lead metal nanoparticle synthesis in two hyperaccumulator plants sesbania grandiflora l poiret and eichhornia crassipes martMalar SVenkatachalam P
19-Apr-2018Standardization and validation of dicentric chromosome and gamma h2ax assays for radiation triage and to quantify radiation absorbed doseBhavani MVenkatachalam P
23-Dec-2015Studies on in vitro propagation genetic as well as phytochemical diversity and evaluation of antidiabetic activities of biomolecules loaded chitosan nanoparticles synthesized from two medicinal plants gymnema sylvestre r br and stevia rebaudiana bertThiyagarajan MVenkatachalam P
31-May-2017Studies on polycystic ovary syndrome pcos in adolescent women population and the efficacy of the synthesized biomolecules coated chitosan nanoparticles against pcos induced rats and human cervical siha cancer cell linesSujima anbu AVenkatachalam P
27-Mar-2019Studies on tissue culture and synthesis of silver nanoparticles from curculigo orchioides gaertn and evaluation of its antibacterial and anticancer activityKayalvizhi TVenkatachalam P
23-Jul-2019Studies on tissue culture enhanced production of secondary metabolites and antibacterial antibiofilm anticancer effects of tio2 nanoparticles synthesized from gloriosa superba lMahendran DVenkatachalam P
31-May-2017Studies oncadium chromium and lead heavy metal toxicity induced biochemical andmolecular changes and lead nanoparticle synthesis in vetiver chrysopogan zizanioides l robertyManikandan RVenkatachalam P
5-Sep-2012A study on genetic polymorphisms associated with unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss in south indian populationVettriselvi VVenkatachalam P
23-Dec-2015Tissue culture genetic transformation silver nanoparticle synthesis and heavy metal hyperaccumulation studies in cucumber cucumis sativus l cv green longSangeetha PVenkatachalam P