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18-Dec-2015Alcohol induced biochemical adaptive changes in biomembranesParamahamsa,M.Varadacharyulu,N. Ch.
31-Dec-2015Alcohol induced biochemical and biophysical changes in biomembranes alcohol toxicity alleviation studies using aqueous fruit extract of emblica officinalisReddy,V. DamodaraVaradacharyulu,N. Ch.
18-Dec-2015Alcohol induced biochemical changes in biomembranes of female ratsReddy,K. RameshwarVaradacharyulu,N. Ch.
5-Jan-2016Alcohol induced biochemical changes in chronic female alcoholicsSaradamma,B.Varadacharyulu,N. Ch.
28-Dec-2015Alprazolam induced biophysical and biochemical changes in erythrocyte and platelet membranes and plasma in human volunteersKiranmai,A. HelahVaradacharyulu,N. Ch.
18-Dec-2015Biochemical and biophysical changes in membranes of chronic alcoholic smokersKavitha,G.Varadacharyulu,N. Ch.
18-Dec-2015Biochemical and biophysical changes in red cell and platelet membranes of chronic cigarette smokersPadmavathi,P.Varadacharyulu,N. Ch.
5-Jan-2016Biochemical changes in human volunteers chronically exposed to allethrin and prallethrinMaddu,NarendraVaradacharyulu,N. Ch.
23-Dec-2015Biochemical studies on the influence of pyrethroid mosquito repellents on biomembranes of humansMaddu,NarendraVaradacharyulu,N. Ch.
28-Dec-2015Cigarette smoking induced biochemical changes in plasma and red cell membrane in human male volunteersPadmavathi,P.Varadacharyulu,N. Ch.
8-Jan-2016Influence of cigarette smoking on biochemical changes in alcoholics and a therapeutic approach using phytoextractsLokesh,ThippannagariVaradacharyulu,N. Ch.
28-Dec-2015Membranes and metabolism alcohol induced biochemical alterations in blood and erythrocyte membrane of human diabeticsS.,AparnaVaradacharyulu,N. Ch.