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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
19-Aug-2016An investigation of the growth of certain organic crystals by solution gel techniqueRajendra Babu KVaidyan V K
27-Jun-2016Design and development of a photothermal imager for wafer metrology and subsurface microscopySreekumar KVaidyan V K
28-Feb-2018Investigations on Electrolytic Growth of Coinage Metal Crystals in GelsGeorge M TVaidyan V K
8-Nov-2016Nondestructive evaluation of nuclear fuels by radiographic and ultrasonic techniquesJose P PanakkalVaidyan V K
19-Aug-2016Nondestructive testing of aluminium based compositesGopalakrishnan Nair A KVaidyan V K
19-Aug-2016Preparation and characterization of spray pyrolytically grown nanostructured tin oxide semiconductor thin filmsSaji ChackoVaidyan V K
29-Jun-2016Preparation and characterization of undoped antimony doped and tin doped indium oxide filmsMary Stella MVaidyan V K
28-Oct-2016Preparation and characterization studies of indium oxide and indium tin oxide filmsGopchandran K GVaidyan V K
27-Jan-2017Role of intrinsic and extrinsic defects on the optical and electrical properties of zinc oxide films deposited by spray pyrolysis and dc sputteringRakhesh VVaidyan V K
19-Aug-2016Studies on the growth of urinary calculiWilson E VVaidyan V K
1-Jul-2016Studies on the preparation and characterization of undoped and doped zinc oxide thin filmsBenny JosephVaidyan V K
29-Jun-2016Studies on the preparation of tin oxide films by chemical deposition techniques and their characterizationSumangala Devi Amma DVaidyan V K
24-Jun-2016Study on the synthesis of Tungsten trioxide nanoparticles by chemical precipitation and their characterisationGeorge Vargheese KVaidyan V K
19-Aug-2016Surface oxidation studies of Al Alx Mgv Alx Tiv and Al Cu thin filmsThomas P VVaidyan V K
1-Jul-2016Surface oxidation studies of Al Li and Al Cu thin filmsGeetha VVaidyan V K
1-Feb-2016Surface oxidation studies of aluminium and iron films at room temperatureBhavani KVaidyan V K