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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
8-Mar-2014Characterization of up-stream regulatory region of CAM5 (CALMODULIN) gene of ArabidopsisTiwari, Shiv BahadurUpadhyaya, K C
10-Mar-2014Cloning and characterization of retrotransposons(s) from Pigeonpea (Cajanus Cajan)Lall, Inderpal SinghUpadhyaya, K C
20-Jan-2014Construction, expression and immunogenicity of chimeric peptidesChauhan, NeerajUpadhyaya, K C; Yadava, Pramod K
7-Mar-2014Expression of Calmodulin Gene (s) of Arabidopsis ThalianaVerma, Praveen KumarUpadhyaya, K C
24-Jul-2014Expression of members of arabidopsis phenylalanine ammonia lyase multigene familyAcharya, Biswa RanjanUpadhyaya, K C
6-May-2014Genetic and immunochemical study of dystrophin in human muscular dystrophyHanda, VaishaliUpadhyaya, K C
20-Jan-2014Membrane lipid asymmetry of candida albicans maintained by ABC transportersSmritiPrasad, Rajendra; Upadhyaya, K C
5-Jun-2014Role of upstream sequence element in the expression of AtCAM5 (Calmodulin) Gene of ArabidopsisSingh, RashmiUpadhyaya, K C
12-May-2014Structural and functional analysis of chickpea retrotransposon(s) and their use as molecular marker(s)Kumar, ManojUpadhyaya, K C; Yadva, P K
30-Jul-2014Studies on retrotransposon(S) of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan)ManeeshaUpadhyaya, K C
30-Dec-2013Studies on transformation mediated by isolated mitochondria and mitochondrial DNA in yeast, saccharomyces cerevisiaeGanesan, KUpadhyaya, K C
5-Jun-2014Transcript profiling and characterization of genes during Chickpea-Ascochyta interactionJaiswal, PurnimaUpadhyaya, K C