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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
14-Dec-2017An effective web page recommendation system using pattern mining algorithmsUmamaheswari, SSrivatska, S K
28-Jan-2016Anti inflammatory and anti arthritic activity of different extracts of smilax zeylanica l and smilax ovalifolia roxbDivya, V VUmamaheswari, S
19-Oct-2016Bacterial assemblage composition characterisation spatial heterogeneity and temporal dynamics along a sector of river CauveryUmamaheswari, SAnbusaravanan, N
21-Apr-2015Biopotentials of organic fertilizers produced from three different seaweeds on soil biotaKarthick, NUmamaheswari, S
31-Mar-2015Diversity and distribution of salmonella specific phages in tamil nadu and their phage therapy efficiencySridhar, HUmamaheswari, S
16-Mar-2018Electrochemical studies on cadmium electrode for the development of alkaline secondary battery systemsUmamaheswari, SParuthimal Kalaignan, G and Vasudevan, T
21-Mar-2018Multiple parametric and catastrophic faults detection in linear and nonlinear analog circuitsG, PuvaneswariUmamaheswari, S
17-Dec-2015Paper mill sludge treatment through application of vermi and mycotechnologyUmamaheswari, SVijayalakshmi, G S
16-May-2016Studies on the assessment of the genetic diversity in mango mangifera indica l of andaman islands and identification of polyembryonic rootstock for salt toleranceKannan, RUmamaheswari, S
4-Jul-2016Synergistic activity of Murraya Paniculata L Jack and bacillus thuringlensis subsp israelensis for the control of Malarial Vector Anopheles Stephensi Liston insecta diptera culicidaeUmamaheswari, SMurugan, K
6-Jan-2017Synthesis of novel nitrogen and sulphur containing heterocycles and their antimycobacterial evaluationUmamaheswari, SPerumal, S