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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
20-Nov-2014Artificial intelligence based optimum design of power system stabilizersJeevanandham AThanushkodi K
11-Jul-2013Certain explorations on speech enhancement techniques for automatic speaker recognition in noisy environmentSumithra M GThanushkodi K
11-Sep-2015Certain investigations on automated epileptic seizure detection methods using fastica and neural networkSivasankari KThanushkodi K
5-Sep-2014Certain investigations on bone age assessment using geometric featuresThangam PThanushkodi K
30-Sep-2014Certain investigations on Classification of medical datasets Using soft computing techniquesSuguna NThanushkodi K
11-Aug-2014Certain investigations on particle swarm optimization techniques for multiprocessor schedulingDeeba KThanushkodi K
11-Sep-2015Certain investigations on speed Control of electrical motors using Soft computing techniquesMahendiran T VThanushkodi K
27-Aug-2014An evolutionary programming based efficient particle swarm optimization for economic dispatch problem with valve point loadingMuthu vijaya pandian SThanushkodi K
18-Jun-2015Exponential evolutionary programming approach for security constrained economic dispatch problem with facts devicesJayakumar JThanushkodi K
27-Feb-2014Improved power quality solutions using photovoltaic unified compensation technologiesNarayanappaThanushkodi K
21-Feb-2014Investigations on non convex economic load dispatch problem and solution through constrained optimization techniquesVanitha MThanushkodi K
23-Mar-2015Joint optimization of radial distribution Network through hybrid fuzzy and Opposition based differential Evolution algorithmMuthukumar RThanushkodi K
21-Feb-2014Optimal placement of tcsc and upfc controllers in grid system using multiple indicesBalamurali GThanushkodi K
4-Feb-2015Performance improvement of join algorithms for efficient query optimization with early and maximized result rateHemalatha GThanushkodi K
21-Aug-2014Power system reliability performance improvement using scada short term load forecasting and successful path method for substation configuration studiesHari kumar naiduThanushkodi K
13-Feb-2017Prediction based generation Monitoring system for wind electric Generator to enhance power ProductionBalamurugan P SThanushkodi K
4-Feb-2015A secured medical image compression Based on efficient transformation Encryption and encoding techniquesVasanthi kumari PThanushkodi K